A bookmarking service


Content optimization
Images, Youtube and Vimeo video is incorporated as comment
Urls is sanitized
Mail yourself (MYS)
the user can receive an email for each bookmark
Import from
Upload your delicious backup file and gaeicious create new bookmarks.

Autors and tools

is maintained by presveva
powered by Google App Engine
and styled by Twitter Bootstrap

How to post

Drag and drop the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar
click on bookmarklet in order to create a new bookmark
if you select a text, this is "insert as comment"
Post via email
From: the email used in gaeicious
Subject: the bookmark's title
Body: the bookmark's link
Feed subscription
Add your feed urls in Feeds page
the app creates a new bookmark for each new item in the feed
For each feed you can choice from: 8 hourly digest/only web/email for each bookmark.
Import from Delicious
In setting page users can upload the delicious.